Friday, January 15, 2010

Wee in park, not in Macca's - magistrate

A TOURIST who urinated inside the front entrance of an Adelaide McDonald's should have relieved himself in nearby parklands, says a senior magistrate.

"You know there is a really big parkland across the road," Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Cannon told Queensland holidaymaker John Hawkins in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today.

"It might be (illegal) but at least you would have probably gotten away with it."

Hawkins today pleaded guilty to one count of urinating in a public place after a dispute with staff at the McDonald's West Tce restaurant on December 11.

The court heard that staff refused Hawkins' requests to use their toilet facilities because they were "out of order".

As he left, Hawkins stopped at the entrance and relieved himself during one of the restaurant's busier times.

After police arrived, Hawkins tried to excuse his conduct by explaining that he was "busting" despite public toilets being just 50m away.

Hawkins told the court he merely made an "honest mistake".

Mr Cannon recorded a conviction and fined Hawkins $100 plus court fees.


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