Monday, December 7, 2009

Man injects sleeping wife with HIV in New Zealand

AN HIV-positive man has confessed to injecting his blood into his sleeping wife and infecting her with the virus that can cause AIDS.

It is believed the man wanted to give her the disease so she would start having sex with him again, New Zealand's Sunday Star-Timesnewspaper said.

Court documents detailed how the man, 35, twice pricked his 33-year-old wife with a sewing needle laced with his infected blood.

The husband discovered he was HIV-positive - but his partner and children were not - during health checks imposed on them when the family arrived in New Zealand in 2004

The woman had said she wanted to maintain the relationship for the sake of the children.

But she refused to have sex with her husband for fear of contracting the disease.

In the documents, the wife described how in May 2008 she found a sting-like mark on her left thigh and two days later awoke to a stinging feeling in her leg.

She said, "I got up... and I flicked the blankets... I looked at (the husband) and he was wide awake."

The wife asked him if he had pricked her and he said: 'No'.

But she later found evidence of "blood sprinkles" on their duvet, which she said her husband tried to hide from her.

During a routine check-up four months later, doctors revealed she was HIV-positive.

The woman confronted her husband, who admitted dipping a needle in his blood and pricking her with it.

"All he said [was] he was sorry.

He said: 'I used needles on you because I wanted you to be the same as me so that you can live with me and you won't leave me,'" she said.

The husband has admitted willfully infecting another with a disease and faces up to 14 years in jail when he is sentenced at Auckland High Court next year.


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