Saturday, December 5, 2009

Man taped bashings before killing partner

BIKIE and former boxing champion Edward Yost made videotapes of himself bashing his girlfriend before he finally murdered her.
The recordings of various beatings, some lasting more than 30 minutes, were kept by Yost as "some kind of trophy'', prosecutor Sandi McDonald told the South Australian Supreme Court today.
Yost, a former SA boxing titleholder connected to the Rebels motorcycle club, has pleaded guilty to murdering his partner, Natasha Jones, in 2007.
The anger of Ms Jones' father, Dan, spilled over in court today.
Mr Jones was to have read a statement detailing the impact the murder had on him.
Instead, with his statement in hand, he glared at Yost for almost one minute before telling the killer: "I just want to cut your f****** throat.''


Mr Jones was led from the court, and a court official later read out his statement in which he called Yost a "dog'', who had "cast aside a body that was beyond recognition''.
"You are a woman killer, a murderer, you are the lowest of the low,'' Mr Jones' statement said.
"No parent should have to lose a child and never in such a dreadful way as this.''
Yost had kept the body of Ms Jones in his basement before it was discovered in January 2007, Ms McDonald told the court.
Also discovered were videotapes of the beatings, she said.
"It is hard to imagine a more horrific history of domestic violence,'' Ms McDonald told the court.
No details were disclosed of the murder, for which Yost apologised through his lawyer David Edwardson QC.
"He is now in a position where he understands the enormity of what he did,'' Mr Edwardson told the court.
Yost and Ms Jones had been in an "horrendous'' relationship which existed "under an umbrella of toxic and dangerous drugs'', Mr Edwardson said.
Yost admitted to a long history of abusing drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines and also to using steroids, his lawyer said.
A state boxing champion between the ages of 15 and 18, and again aged 21, Yost developed an antisocial personality disorder because of the drug abuse, Mr Edwardson said.
"In combination, all of those factors presented a very dangerous cocktail indeed,'' he said.
Yost has been given a mandatory life sentence for the murder, with Justice Michael David to set a non-parole period next month.


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