Saturday, December 5, 2009

Satanist Daniel William Peckham lured girls into Rookwood cemetery for sex

A SATANIST who preyed on young girls, luring them to a Sydney cemetery for sex through a fake online gothic society, has been sentenced to nine years' jail.

As a condition of membership to the "Rookwood Gothic Society," Daniel William Peckham, 24, required teenage girls to send naked photographs of themselves and be prepared to have sex with him.
He convinced at least two girls to meet him in the grounds of Rookwood cemetery at night, where he kissed and touched them before trying to persuade them to have sex.
At his sentencing hearing, a girl he sexually assaulted in an open tomb in April 2007 told the District Court in a victim's impact statement she felt the attack was her fault.
She said her school grades have suffered greatly and she now has trouble trusting people.
"At the felt like what was happening was my fault and everything was what I deserved," she said.


The girl, who was 15 when the assault took place, said she began self-harming by cutting her legs and arms and she became "obsessed" with talking to people on the internet because she "could pretend to be someone else."
The court heard Peckham had asked her to have sex with him previously and when she refused, he posted a video of her naked on You Tube as "punishment."
Judge Peter Berman said it was disturbing how easily "young, naive girls can be persuaded to act in such a way by a person prepared to manipulate them for his own sexual gratification."
Peckham pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault, three counts for each of three victims of using the internet to procure underage girls for sexual activity and transmitting child pornography.
He also admitted using the internet to menace one of the girls and two counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice by asking two girls to hide his stored images of child pornography.
Judge Berman sentenced him to nine years jail with six years non-parole. With time already served, he will be eligible for release in June, 2013.


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