Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Brother loses Muslim housemate

BIG Brother doesn't begin until tomorrow night, but one housemate has already left.

A young Afghani Muslim, seen as a central character in the program's provocative approach, pulled the pin on his Big Brother experience at the last minute, The Sunday Telegraph reports.
Big Brother executive producer Virginia Hodgson would not divulge the man's name but confirmed he had withdrawn from the show.
"There isn't (a Muslim), there was,'' Hodgson said.
"We had chosen an Afghani Muslim guy as one of our housemates. He couldn't proceed for personal and family reasons.
"He hasn't been replaced (by a devout Muslim).''
The reality TV series has floundered in recent years with ratings steadily declining.
In an effort to stop the decline Ten has replaced veteran host Gretel Killeen with shock jocks Kyle and Jackie O.
The duo have been extensively publicised in a new campaign I Don't Think So, which promises that the show will be different from ever before.
The producers have already revealed a 21-year-old Aboriginal mental health worker Dixie, a Pauline Hanson-supporting grandmother Terri, and 20-year-old professional horse rider Travis as housemates.
Notorious party punk Corey Worthington will add extra flavour as an intruder.
This year will reportedly feature the oldest and youngest housemates ever.
The Up Late show has been canned, while a new panel style discussion show Big Brother Big Mouth hosted by veteran presenters Tony Squires and Rebecca Wilson will be a new addition on Mondays.
The popular Friday Night Games will continue with Ryan "Fitzy'' Fitzgerald, Mike Goldman and Bree Amer.


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