Wednesday, April 30, 2008

'Vampire girl was a pain junkie'

A MAN who allegedly bit and whipped a teenage girl he met on a website called told a court today the girl wanted him to "mark" her as his whore.

Warwick Harold Acott, 39, has pleaded not guilty in the District Court in Adelaide to two counts of assault and unlawful sexual intercourse at the girl's home in June, 2006.
He told the court he whipped the girl, who described herself as a "pain junkie", with a cat o' nine tails and bit her chest.
Mr Acott said she called him names when he first hit her with the whip because he did it too softly.

She told him to "give it your best shot and count to 10".

"She said to me 'I'm now your whore, I'm yours forever, I'm your slave, mark me again'," Mr Acott said.

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He said he had believed she was over the legal age for sexual relations.

Mr Acott, who described himself as a Christian, said they argued over the issue of her age and whether what they were doing was legal.

He left and did not see her again until the trial began, he said.

Mr Acott denied forcing the girl to perform a sex act.

He has told the court the girl contacted him in late 2004 or early 2005 after seeing his profile on gothic subculture website
The prosecution alleges he contacted the girl first.
Under cross-examination, Mr Acott said he found the girl "bizarre".
"I wasn't put off, I was really fascinated," he said.

The trial continues.


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