Saturday, April 26, 2008

Todd McKenney found unconscious after drug overdose

TELEVISION and radio personality Todd McKenney was found unconscious in a park in Sydney's  Rushcutters Bay park on Friday afternoon after a drug overdose and had to be revived by ambulance officers.
The Dancing With The Stars judge was found by members of the public at 3.30pm and an ambulance was called. He was later charged with possessing the drug GHB, known as the "date rape" drug.

McKenney, who lives at Bondi, did not work on his FM radio show that day as it was Anzac Day and the 106.5FM program that he presents with Sonia Kruger was pre-recorded. The night before he had attended a party at Macleay St, Potts Point.
The celebrity told The Sunday Telegraph he believes his drink was spiked and the drug was planted on him.
"I had a vodka and tonic and I started to feel progressively sick. I have no idea where I ended up. My drink was obviously spiked," he said.
McKenney said it was probably "the tall poppy syndrome".
"They obviously wanted to put the boot into me," he said.
"I don't know what I have done to deserve this treatment. I will rigorously defend any charges."
McKenney, who is openly gay but last year fathered a child with a female friend, is known for his caustic remarks on the popular TV dancing show.
Kruger, who was attending Randwick's Doncaster Day races when she heard the news, had no idea what had happened to her friend and colleague.
"I haven't spoken to Todd all weekend," Kruger said.
"I just cannot believe it but I don't want to make any further comment until I find out exactly what happened. It seems very unlikely to me."
Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman was also told the news at the races.
He has worked with McKenney a number of times over the years, taking over from the musical theatre veteran in The Boy From Oz.
"Oh my God, I had no idea. My heart goes out to him. That is absolutely terrible, terrible news. I just hope that he is OK," he said.
McKenney spent yesterday resting at home.
His lawyer Michael Bowe said: "I'm concerned about him, if it's true, it's very disappointing".
McKenney said there were many people at the party that he did not know and he believes it was "all a set-up".
"I would hate to lose my job over this, because it is so unfair."
On April 7, he was banned from driving for three months and fined $375 after pleading guilty to drink driving.
On that occasion McKenney was pulled over on George St, in the heart of Sydney, just before 11pm after police noticed he was driving with his headlights turned off. He was breath-tested and blew a reading of 0.05.
Last June the star became a proud parent, after agreeing to IVF with friend of 22 years Anne Wood. He has recently told friends of his joy at becoming a dad and his wish to have more babies.
McKenney is due to front Downing Centre Local Court on May 16.


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