Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Killer dog stalks country town

TRAPS are being set for a rogue dog which is believed to have savaged a woman and killed up to 80 cats in a eight-month killing spree in a Queensland country town.

South Burnett Mayor David Carter has now made an urgent public appeal for help in finding the dog.
Golden Pines Medical Centre secretary Cheryl Bemrose, who was mauled by the brindle staffordshire bull terrier-cross two weeks ago, said she was so terrified by the attack she needed counselling.
Appearing on dusk as she locked the centre in Chester St, the dog bit Mrs Bemrose's leg, dragged her beneath a veranda railing and halfway across her work car park before it was finally beaten off with a broom.
Both she and her rescuer, medical centre nurse Marigold Robinson, said they could not rest until the dog was found and put down.
Mrs Bemrose said she had heard a horrible screaming and saw the dog and a smaller dog attacking Missie - an 18-year-old tortoiseshell cat belonging to neighbours Pat and John Gormley - on the surgery veranda. "I screamed and the dog dropped her (the cat) and came and latched on to my leg and dragged me under the railing through the dirt and trees," she said.
Mrs Robinson said the same dog mauled the surgery cat Fatty eight months ago, and there were fears it would attack a child.
Cr Carter said the dog appeared well looked after and someone must know its owner.


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