Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teens 'stabbed woman 100 times'

TWO teenagers have been charged with murdering a woman who was stabbed and cut more than a 100 times and her 10-year-old son whose head was smashed with a television.
A one-year-old girl was unharmed in the attack, which happened in the woman's home in the US city of Minneapolis last week, the Associated Press reported.

Stafon Edward Thompson, 17, and Brian Lee Flowers, 16, both of Minneapolis, were charged as adults overnight over the murders of Katricia Daniels, 36, and her son, Robert Shepard, the AP said.

Ms Daniels' boyfriend found the bodies last Thursday.

Blood was spattered throughout the house, and bloody footprints, handprints and fingerprints were left behind, according to court documents.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said it appeared Ms Daniels welcomed the teens into her home on June 11 because they knew her 15-year-old son who lives in Chicago.

According to court documents, Stafon and Brian blamed each other for the killings and indicated robbery was the motive.

Mr Freeman said he doubted that because of the extreme violence used, and the fact that the only thing taken was Ms Daniels' cellphone.

"We don't know why this murder was committed and we may never know why. The level of violence associated with this crime is difficult to comprehend and difficult to imagine,'' he said.

The teenagers will appear in court later today.


ambr said...

We are living through troubled times right now. Why can't some parents raise their kids instead of allowing the streets to do so? What a horrific way to leave this world. I will pray for the victims and their family, and my heart aches just reading this story. I am so glad they cannot hurt anyone else anymore.

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