Monday, April 21, 2008

Personal assistants on $100k pay packets

HIGH-POWERED personal assistants are commanding $100,000 pay packets and often have better qualifications than their bosses.

In a quantum leap from the days of secretaries who typed letters and booked luncheon appointments, career-oriented PAs have become savvy advisers for top-end executives.
As well as being trusted with confidential company information, an efficient PA is now practically expected to run the office while their boss is away.
That's why they command up to $100,000, said Caroline Vickers-Willis, spokeswoman for Julia Ross Recruitment.
"More than half of the PAs we place are earning over 60K," Ms Vickers-Willis said.
"And there are many pushing 80-100K in executive roles."
Ms Vickers-Willis admitted the role had come a long way from the days of providing tea and biscuits for boardroom meetings.
"They are lucky if they get a glass of water," she said.
"Very few of our clients even use the term secretary any more, they are far more specific and use a classification like administration manager."
But some things never change, according to jobs website PAs are still the first to hear about office scandals


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