Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the Sydney girl who cast a spell on Harry Potter

IT'S a plot worthy of a Harry Potter novel, but the mystery of the glamorous Australian woman who captured Daniel Radcliffe's eye appears to have been solved.
She is 20-year-old Sydney insurance worker Cassi McKay, and in an extraordinary coincidence, she is preparing to fly to Radcliffe's native city of London next week, where she will embark on a four-month holiday.

But the clear frontrunner is Ms McKay, who was among the musicians to perform at the event and had a "two-minute chat" with him backstage after they were introduced by singer David Campbell.

She even posed for a photo with the 18-year-old star, but Ms McKay - who has had a boyfriend for two-and-a-half years - said the night ended there.

"We said hello and had a quick chat and for the rest of the night, just because I was fascinated, we were sort of smiling and making eye contact," she said.

"I couldn't believe when he said he was looking for the girl."

"He was looking at me a bit and I guess I was batting my eyelids back," Ms McKay, a trumpet player who has performed at the AFIs, told The Advertiser. "We did make a lot of eye contact with each other. David Campbell introduced us and I got to talk to him briefly."

Although she is committed to her current relationship, Ms McKay said she would be keen to organise a second audience with Radcliffe while she was in the UK.

"I've told my boyfriend about him and I'd be keen to meet up," she said.

The actor, who lamented his inability to get the mystery girl's phone number on the night, has also not ruled out re-establishing contact.

"She stared at me the whole night and I was going to get her number and then I couldn't find her," he said. "I must have walked around that party for an hour trying to look for this girl, like some sad pathetic dweeb."

While Radcliffe has amassed a $50 million fortune, he has been unlucky in love and has spoken of the problems associated with finding a girlfriend who wasn't interested in his money.

But Ms McKay said she wasn't looking to cash in on the actor's public profile.

"I hope people don't think I want my 15 minutes of fame or anything," she said.

"My Mum read (Radcliffe's) comments in the paper and said, 'I think he's talking about you'."

However, a host of others were adamant they were the ones who had captured the Harry Potter star's heart.

One caller, who identified herself as Kirstie, said she was convinced they had shared a special connection, while another wrote: "I just want Daniel to know his feelings are reciprocated."


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