Tuesday, April 22, 2008

YouTube bragger 'Trashman gave AIDS to thousands'

A MAN has posted videos on YouTube in which he claims to have deliberately "infected" thousands of women with AIDS.

The masked-man - who calls himself “Trashman” and speaks with an American accent in a series of clips posted on the video-sharing website - claims to have "infected" between 1200 and 1500 with the disease.
In the videos, Trashman reads the names and ages of some of the women he claims to have had unprotected sex with.

President of People Living with HIV/AIDS Victoria, Brett Hayhoe, said the man “does seem genuine” in the video clips.

AIDS can only be contracted once a person has been infected with HIV, but Mr Hayhoe said the man may have lumped the two together. 
“It’s extremely disturbing (and) the guy needs psychiatric help,” Mr Hayhoe said.
The videos - one of which has been viewed 195,000 times - also feature a web address to a “gangsta” portal filled with pornography and where Trashman has a profile.
In the first video, Trashman reads from a list of women he claims to have infected.
“Today I’m doing a show about something that’s more important than killing rappers,” he says.
“This here (piece of paper) that I hold in my hand is a list of women who I actually infected with AIDS on purpose.
“So if I call your name and if you just happen to be on my ‘I got the AIDS from that n***er’ list', then God bless you.”
He then goes on to name several women and how old they are.
Mr Hayhoe said if Trashman was telling the truth, it would be “absolutely devastating” for anyone who has had sex with him.
“For someone to hear that on a YouTube video is just disgusting,” Mr Hayhoe said.
“To have your name yelled out would be shattering.”
Google, the owner of YouTube, has been contacted for comment.


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