Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Former officer tried to bribe woman for sex

A former Victorian police officer has pleaded guilty to attempting to bribe a young female driver for sex.

43 year old David John Mits has pleaded guilty to one count of attempted bribery.

The court heard that in January last year, he pulled over a 20 year old woman in Bayswater who was not wearing her seatbelt.

The policeman took the woman's number and went to her house twice, and pressured her for sexual favours in return for not giving her a ticket.

At his plea hearing the judge said it was a cold-blooded, pre-planned attempt to apply maximum pressure on a young woman.

The judge said Mits was out for his own sexual gratification.

Mits has been stood down by the police force and now works as a property maintenance manager.

He was supported in court by his wife and family.


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