Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tanya Zaetta : sex-for-the-troops scandal

TANIA Zaetta is an adult, old enough to know her mind.

So if she did, or did not, enjoy the company of members of Australia's Special Forces while entertaining the troops in Afghanistan, isn't that her business?

She has become embroiled in a sex-for-the-troops scandal, but if it happened and if it involved consenting adults, what's the big deal?

And reports that the special forces lads claim to have photos and a video showing Zaetta in a compromising situation reflects badly on them.

Zaetta has denied it happened and Angry Anderson, accused of making the claim, says he has no knowledge of it. That has not stopped the Defence Department launching an investigation.

Apparently it is a breach of regulations for performers to fraternise with the troops.

What surprised me was that the department said it was investigating the allegations of "her behaviour" while on a recent tour.

Does that mean the boys over there are immune?

If so, that smacks of chauvinism. It's the usual story: when boys behave badly they are just being lads; when a girl dares to have some fun, her morals come into question.

Anyway, I reckon what happens on tour stays on tour.


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