Monday, May 26, 2008

Newcastle gallery ordered to remove Henson photos

The controversy surrounding the works of photographic artist Bill Henson is continuing, with police today ordering the Newcastle Art Gallery not to show two photos featuring young naked models.

Twenty of Henson's photographs, featuring a naked girl under the age of 16, were confiscated during a raid on Sydney's Roslyn Oxley9 gallery late last week.

Police are now considering whether to lay criminal charges against those involved with the exhibition.

The Newcastle Regional Art Gallery has four works by Henson, two of which feature young naked models. They have been described as similar to the seized works.

Police officers met with gallery staff today, before ordering the works be secured and not shown publicly or privately.

Newcastle Council has also been forced to remove the images from its website.

Police are considering their legal options, but it is unclear if charges will be laid.

Newcastle Council purchased the works in the early 1990s from the Sydney gallery where Henson's latest exhibition was shut down.

Most recently, they were exhibited on a regional tour of Australia.

The Council spokeswoman says the gallery has never had a complaint about the photographs.


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