Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hicks offered $1m for terror memoirs

FORMER Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks will go from broke to millionaire overnight if he accepts the latest mega-offer to tell his story.

Channel 9's 60 Minutes has put $1million on the table for an exclusive interview with the convicted terrorism supporter.

With the queue of media outlets begging to interview with Hicks first now numbering 40, his lawyer David McLeod said he had "not heard" about the $1 million bid from 60 Minutes which could trump them all.

But Mr McLeod said his client was focusing on getting his life together.

"Hicks hasn't made up his mind whether or not he wants to tell his story, so no decision has been made, as far as I know," Mr McLeod said.

Hicks, 32, has been lying low since he walked free from Adelaide's Yatala maximum security jail in December.

Mr Hicks said his son was not ready yet to speak publicly.

A Nine spokesman last night denied the station had made an offer to Hicks, however it is understood discussions have taken place about drafting reporter Ray Martin for the job


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