Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hoons love Holdens, Mercs are a menace

HOLDEN drivers are the most dangerous on our roads while Mazda owners are the safest, according to a new national study.

Holden hoons out-ranked other drivers for their bad habits in a survey of more than 2500 drivers.

Motorists were asked to admit to a range of misdemeanours, including talking on a mobile phone, drink-driving, speeding and text messaging.

Mercedes-Benz drivers were the second worst on the road overall, Volkswagen were third and BMW fourth. Ford drivers were fifth.

The Private Fleet Aussie Car Driving survey also revealed Hyundai drivers were the least intimidating and the least likely to break the speed limit.

The Hyundai was more likely to be a family car, so it was often driven by law- abiding mums and dads, Private Fleet spokesman Tim Marsh said.

"It's fairly hard to be intimidating when you're in a Hyundai," he said.
The survey revealed:
VOLKSWAGEN drivers were most likely to talk on their phones while driving. And they were most likely to speed.
MAZDA drivers were least likely to chat on the phone when they were behind the wheel.
HOLDEN drivers were the most prolific text messagers at the wheel.
BMW drivers were most intimidating and worst for drink-driving.
HONDA drivers were best at being alcohol free before driving.
HYUNDAI drivers were least intimidating and least likely to speed.
"The Holden Astra is popular among young women more likely to send a text message," Mr Marsh said.


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