Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hypnotised man has surgery while 'awake'

A HYPNOTHERAPIST has had an 83-minute operation on his arm with no anaesthetic.

At one point, Alex Lenkei even heard the surgeon say: "Can I have the saw, please?"

Because he had put himself into a hypnotic trance, however, he said he felt no pain as the doctors chiselled out a walnut-sized chunk of bone from his wrist.

Mr Lenkei, 61, had the operation to treat osteoarthritis.
"The results have been amazing - I feel ace," he said.

The hypnotherapist amazed doctors by asking how things were going halfway through the surgery, at Worthing Hospital in West Sussex.

He said he could hear his surgeon talking as he made a 10cm-long cut into his right wrist and chiselled the bone to move a tendon.

Surgeon David Llewellyn-Clark said the operation went well and Mr Lenkei, who has been practising the technique since he was 16, showed no reaction during the surgery.


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