Monday, May 19, 2008

Belconnen kangaroo cull begins

The kangaroo cull at a defence site in Belconnen has started.

The controversial cull of 400 eastern grey kangaroos was cancelled six weeks ago while the Defence Department investigated the option of moving the kangaroos to another site instead, but last week the Department abandoned that plan because it was too expensive.

About 50 kangaroos are penned in a large area which is visible from the fence line at the Lawson site.

Earlier, a handful were herded into a smaller area which is obscured by hessian.

Several people can be seen inside that area and they appear to be observing the cull.

The kangaroos will be darted and euthanised. Several chiller boxes are clearly visible.

A small group of protesters are watching from outside the fence and at this stage have not attempted to stop the cull.

Security guards are making regular patrols along the interior of the fenced area.


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