Monday, May 5, 2008

Carpenter rejects allegations of improper behaviour

The Premier Alan Carpenter has rejected allegations he behaved improperly at a party 4 years ago.

Mr Carpenter has denied claims he lifted a colleague's shirt, and looked at another MPs chest at a karaoke party in 2004.

Mr Carpenter says nothing untoward happened at the party.

"It's an interesting coincidence that this sort of story gets run when there is all these pre-selection issues and political issues going on when never was it ever suggested in the last four years that anything happened that was improper or untoward," he said.

The Attorney General Jim McGinty says there is no substance to the claims.

Mr McGinty says he was at the party in question, and nothing happened.

"Not only did I not see anything but I heard nothing either then or in the days immediately following," he said.

"If there was anything untoward that occurred I would have seen it, I would have heard of it."


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