Thursday, May 15, 2008

Skimpy Prom Dress?

(Houston, TX) 17-year-old Marche Taylor really loved her custom made dress. She tried to wear it to her senior prom but was told it was too skimpy.

“She shook her head and said you’re not getting in this prom. We're arguing back and forth because I want to know why I can’t get into my prom”, explains Marche.

Madison High’s prom took place at the Marriott but Taylor only got so far as the lobby where friends snapped photos. When she tried to enter the ballroom, a sponsor stopped her. She was told her dress violated a school dress code.

Her friends tried to wrap the dress around her and pin it up but was told, she still could not get in because she did not have any undergarments on.

“I asked her what’s her problem because I had some on” said Marche.

At that point, Marche said she was furious. After all, this was her senior prom. She argued if she couldn’t get in, then she wanted her money back. Marche said things got so bad that at some point, someone called the police.

Madison High’s principal says the dress was inappropriate.

“It was revealing in such a way that it would not be appropriate for a prom.”, says Madison High School’s Principal Aubrey Todd.

Marche says, “they didn’t give me any options but to go to jail or go home.”

Marche says she still loves her prom dress. Even though in the end, it cost her dearly.

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