Monday, May 19, 2008

NSW Govt outspends Qantas, McDonalds on advertising

The New South Wales Government has defended its advertising budget, after a report revealed it had risen from eighth to seventh on a list of Australia's biggest advertisers.

The Nielsen Media report shows the Government spent $95 million on advertising in Australia last year, more than big corporations like Qantas, McDonalds, the Commonwealth Bank and Ford.

It ranked behind the Federal Government, Coles, Telstra, Harvey Norman, Woolworths and Nestle.

State Commerce Minister Eric Roozendaal says the biggest slice went towards breast cancer awareness, road safety and anti-smoking campaigns.

"New South Wales is the largest and most populated state and it's totally appropriate that we run important public awareness and public health campaigns to keep the public informed," he said.

"We've seen real gains in the number of people giving up smoking [and] real benefits for women seeking mammograms to detect breast cancer."


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