Monday, May 19, 2008

Sexual appetite sapped boxing legend

BOXING legend Jeff Fenech says his mammoth sexual appetite contributed as much to his first loss against Azumah Nelson as the great African's lethal left hook.

Fenech says he was sleeping with up to five women a day in the weeks leading up to his crushing KO loss before a crowd of 37,000 people at Princes Park in Melbourne in 1992.

Now happily married, Fenech - who turns 44 next week - will have a rematch with Nelson in a comeback fight at Vodafone Arena in Melbourne on June 24 and says wife, Suzee, has kept him level-headed.

He will also star in a four-part Foxtel series, which began filming last week, documenting his life.

"I wasn't married back then and I had a massive ego, Fenech said.

"I thought I was invincible and that I could do anything I liked.

"I slept with four or five girls every day. I done everything wrong. I just thought I was going to win.

"In the end I paid a heavy price."

Asked whether he was far too cocky in the lead-up to the fight, Fenech replied: "Yeah, 100 per cent. I thought I was Anthony Mundine for a couple of months.

"My downfall in life has been me, for not being able to adapt when I should have, not being able to stay grounded when I should have."


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