Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free drinks for women who remove undies

A MELBOURNE pub offering free drinks to women who remove their underwear will be investigated by liquor licensing authorities.

The Saint Hotel in St Kilda is hosting a No Undie Sundie event this weekend, promising a $50 drink card if women hang their knickers over the bar.

And if women flash their bras or underwear at bar staff, they'll also get a free drink.

The promotion has been labelled irresponsible, offensive and sexist.

Advertisements for the event on Sunday show a partially exposed Britney Spears getting out of a car.

Sex assault counsellors were outraged, saying it put young women at risk.

Liquor Licensing Victoria director Sue Maclellan said an inquiry would start immediately.

"On the face of it, it looks like an inappropriate liquor promotion and we will be investigating with a view to banning it," Ms Maclellan said.

The Fitzroy St pub was caught up in another controversy in June when it employed a dwarf to pour free liquor down the throats of drinkers.

The No Undie Sundie advertisement, which has appeared in street press and online, includes off-colour language.

Melbourne Centre Against Sexual Assault spokeswoman Carolyn Worth said the promo was stupid and dangerous.

"It sends a very bad message, and it is one made very explicit," she said.

"It's almost an invitation to sexual assault."

Ms Worth said one in five women and one in 20 men had experienced sexual violence since the age of 15.

"The Saint is really pushing the barriers," she said.

"A free $50 drink card is a lot of drink. That's five of their cocktails."

Port Phillip mayor Janet Cribbes said she would consider referring the organisers to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

"The ad is bordering on being pornographic," Cr Cribbes said.

"It fuels the fire for irresponsible drinking, irresponsible behaviour and puts young women at risk and makes them more vulnerable to sexual assault.

"I'd thought they (Saint management) would have learnt their lesson from the dwarf episode. We'll be paying them a visit soon, I'd say."

The Saint management did not respond when asked for comment.

The event is run by Birdhouse promotions. An ad for No Undie Sundie on the organisation's website vanished late yesterday.


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