Saturday, September 20, 2008

Woman gets life for sex with five-year-old boy

A 33-year-old woman was sentenced to life in prison after a jury found her guilty of having sex with a five-year-old boy.

Kelly Lumadue, 33, was sentenced by a Florida jury after videotaping sex sessions with the boy that were filmed 12 years ago.
A garbage collector found the sex tapes seven years ago after they had been thrown out and turned them over to police.
Lumadue testified that she was forced to perform the acts by her late husband - a professional pornographer - who filmed the videos.
Lumadue was convicted in 2003, but was given a new trial when the victim, now a teenager, told the judge he not remember what happened.

The victim did not testify in the trial.
Details of how he first encountered Lumadue and her husband have not been publicly released.


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