Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Town fights dog poo with DNA tests

Officials in Vercelli, Italy, say they will catch those who don't pick up after their dogs by tracking down the offending pooches through their DNA.

Antonio Prencipe, the city's environment minister, said saliva tests will be carried out on all of the dogs in town to create a database of doggy DNA so authorities can track pet owners to fail to stop and scoop, ANSA reported Tuesday.

Prencipe said a laboratory in Milan is charging the town $19 per test of canine fecal matter.

"I receive constant complaints about dirtiness, and if signs and requests aren't enough we'll try with genetics. I want a clean city," Prencipe said.

He said offending owners will be fined by authorities.

Prencipe said he would be willing to gather the fecal samples himself "if it will mean being able to walk on streets and pavements free from poo."


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