Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smelly know-it-alls the ultimate irritation

SMELLY people, unstocked supermarket shelves and the office know-it-all are among the things that irritate Australians the most, a national survey has found.

The NRMA-commissioned study asked participants what annoyed them the most on the roads, in the workplace, at the supermarket and at home.

The results reflected a highly stressed population irked by everything from genuinely dangerous behaviour to seemingly harmless habits.

NRMA Insurance head of retail sales and service Gary Dransfield said the data was a reflection of how hectic Australian life was in the 21st century.

"Our lives are getting more and more complex and so petty and seemingly little things are more likely to irritate us," Mr Dransfield said.

"They impact on our enjoyment in life and that magnifies the irritation."

In the work environment, the office know-it-all proved to be the biggest gripe for people in all seven states.

Next on the list was the boss who played favourites, followed by busybodies, loud or messy employees and colleagues who try to sell us things.

On public transport, stinky commuters, people who cough or sneeze on us and commuters who refuse to give up their seats for others bothered us the most.

On the roads, tailgaters, rear view-mirror groomers and drivers who fail to indicate properly really got our goat.

In the supermarket, nothing annoyed us more than unstocked shelves, lengthy queues, people with overloaded baskets abusing the express line and our groceries being badly packed


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