Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teen hid in boot to rape model

A Sydney woman driving home after working as a topless model at a bucks party was raped by a teenager who entered her car through the rear passenger seat after locking himself in the boot.

"Listen bitch, you're gonna do what I tell you, and you won't get hurt," the teenager, James Nigel Stephens, said as he held his left-hand around her mouth and a plastic fork to her head.

Stephens, who was 18 at the time of the attack on January 14 in last year, then raped the woman repeatedly in her car, which was parked on an inner-city street at Waterloo.

Stephens has pleaded guilty to four offences, including sexually assaulting the woman.

Stephens today faced a sentencing hearing in the NSW District Court, where an agreed statement of facts was tendered to Judge Michael Finnane.

According to the document tendered in court, the 22-year-old woman tried to escape from the car, but Stephens locked the doors.

She also tried to dial triple 0, but Stephens grabbed her phone and threw it out of reach.

After the assaults, the woman escaped from the car and called police who returned to the party with a description of the offender.

DNA samples also matched Stephens.


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