Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Woman's body 'naturally' became male

A FILIPINA woman who proved her body was naturally turning male has been allowed to change her name from Jennifer to Jeff.

Jennifer Cagandahan, 27, whose family name means "beauty", proved to the Philippines' Supreme Court that she has a rare medical condition which means her body was producing male, rather than female, hormones.
The court granted Ms Cagandahan's request to have her first name legally changed and to amend her birth details in the civil registry to say "male" instead of "female".
The ruling also covers her school records, electoral roll, baptism certificate, and other public records, ending a legal bid that began in December 2003.
Senior Associate Justice Leonardo Quisumbing wrote in the ruling that Ms Cagandahan indisputably had the condition "congenital adrenal hyperplasia", which caused the appearance of male characteristics.
"The determining factor in gender classification would be what the individual thinks of his or her sex," Justice Quisumbing wrote.
"The respondent here thinks of himself as a male and considering that his body produces high levels of male hormones (androgen) there is biological support for considering him as being male," the court ruled.


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