Sunday, July 20, 2008

Police won't disclose Ferguson's new location

Queensland police say convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson is not a threat to the public at his new location.

Ferguson was moved from a State Government-owned property south of Brisbane in the past 24 hours.

An appeal is likely to be heard tomorrow over a judge's decision to issue a permanent stay on child-sex charges against him, due to his notoriety.

Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson says Ferguson will stay at the new undisclosed location until the appeal is finished.

"He's in Brisbane - his location isn't something we're able to disclose," he said.

"I think the important point is that he's with the police or the police are with him and that will remain in place."

But Queensland Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg says Ferguson's new neighbours should be warned.

"I have a view that the latest neighbours should be informed, absolutely," he said.

"It concerns me that we have Dennis Ferguson at large to start with and it concerns me that he may be in a community where there are children close by."


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