Sunday, July 20, 2008

Teen rider, clowns trampled by bull

A TEENAGE boy was "trampled" and two clowns were injured by an angry bull in a terrifying incident at a Northern Territory rodeo.

The 16-year-old bull rider was rushed to Katherine Hospital with suspected leg and spinal injuries, after he was dragged and trampled by the bull in front of the large crowd at the show at about 3pm yesterday.
St John's Ambulance Katherine officer-in-charge Martin Scaife said the rider got his hand hooked in his saddle rope, slid off and was "trampled'' beneath the bull.
"He was thrown off because his hand got caught up and he got trampled and came off,'' Mr Scaife told the Northern Territory News last night.
Mr Scaife said two of the rodeo clowns were also injured as they tried to free the helpless rider.
"The rider's legs were trampled the most. He is conscious and now there is just a query over whether he has suffered any fractures.
"He did not have any neck or back pain, but he was also being checked out for any spinal injuries.''


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