Monday, September 1, 2008

Bryce Rolls car 'sped away', inquest told

THE car that hit Bryce Rolls did not slow down after running over him, but sped up and accelerated away, Glebe Coroner's Court heard today.

The inquest into Bryce's death heard evidence from Samantha Symes, who saw the fatal accident at Kogarah on April 30, 2003.

Ms Symes was walking along Harrow Rd when she heard a loud bang and a scream.

She saw a car move up and over something, as if it had "gone over a speed hump". She then saw a "tiny little boy" in the road - eight-year-old Bryce.

Ms Symes said the driver just took off and "there didn't seem to be any hesitation".

"I was just looking at it in disbelief," she told the court. "I was just in shock that it was driving off."
Ms Syme said there was nothing else in the road and she had no doubt that the car had hit the boy.

She also said there were no other cars ahead or behind the one involved in the collision.

Earlier, the court heard that Peter Graham - the key person of interest at the inquest - seemed "really nervous" when speaking to police five days after the accident.

Crash investigator Sergeant Karen Hunt recalled Mr Graham saying he had been driving in the area at the time, following too close behind a car which hit something and "took off at a great rate of knots".

"I didn't see what he hit - I probably ran over what he did," Mr Graham allegedly said.

"I have kids of my own and I couldn't live with myself if I ran him over."

The inquest continues.


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