Monday, September 1, 2008

Death sentence for cop killing rampage

A CHINESE court today sentenced a 28-year-old man to death for killing six policemen at their station in Shanghai, state media reported.

Yang Jia was convicted of premeditated murder, the Xinhua news agency quoted the Shanghai People's Intermediate Court as saying. No other details were immediately available.

Yang's trial began on August 26 and was closed to the media.

Prosecutors said last month that Yang confessed to attacking the district police headquarters on July 1 because he wanted revenge after he was detained in October on suspicion of stealing a bicycle.

He attacked 10 people as he rampaged through the police station, prosecutors were quoted as saying in the state press previously.

He reportedly climbed to the 21st floor before being overpowered and arrested.

Six policemen were killed in the attack. Three other officers and a security guard were seriously injured, according to the earlier media reports.


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