Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome debuts in Australia

GOOGLE has taken the wraps off Chrome, the internet giant's browser that's poised to make waves in the online world and hurt Microsoft's Internet Explorer market share.

Chrome could also spell the beginning of the end for Mozilla's popular Firefox browser, much like how Netscape ceased to exist after intense pressure from Internet Explorer.

Google search is already the gateway to the largest advertising network online and Chrome takes the company one step further to internet dominance.
For now the beta version of Chrome -- www.google.com.au/chrome -- will only run on Windows. Mac and Linux users will have to wait for a few months, Google says.
Available in 40 languages, Google is touting Chrome as a new approach to browsing, based on ease of use.
"We think of the browser as the window to the web -- it's a tool for users to interact with the websites and applications they care about, and it's important that we don't get in the way of that experience," Sundar Pichai, Google product management vice president, said.
"Just like the classic Google homepage, Google Chrome has a simple user interface with a sophisticated core to enable the modern web," Mr Pichai said.
Chrome has a combined search and address bar which gives users one location to find items online and also access websites.
Google says when users open a new tab in Chrome, they'll see a page that includes snapshots of their most-visited sites, recent searches and bookmarks.
"While we see this as a fundamental shift in the way people think about browsers, we realise that we couldn't have created Google Chrome on our own," Linus Upson, Google director of engineering, said.

"Google Chrome was built upon other open source projects that are making significant contributions to browser technology and have helped to spur competition and innovation," Mr Upson said.


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