Monday, September 1, 2008

Illegal brothels in rich suburbs

ILLEGAL brothels are moving to the North Shore and the eastern suburbs as customers in the outer suburbs forsake their "weekly nooky" to pay higher petrol, rent and mortgage costs, a lobby group for legal brothels says.

Chris Seage of the Adult Business Association of NSW said councils are often reluctant to investigate illegal brothels because of the time and cost involved in prosecuting them.

"A co-ordinated effort is needed between councils to keep a database of illegal brothel operators and track their presence," he said.

Mr Seage said he knows of six illegal brothels operating in the Waverley and Woollahra areas, two at Willoughby, three at North Sydney and two at Lane Cove.

He said Woollahra Council had taken too long to act against a nude massage parlour in Woollahra and had shown a poor understanding of new laws which made it faster and easier to prosecute illegal operators.

Willoughby Council has issued a closure notice to a brothel in St Leonards and has threatened to cut its water and power.


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