Thursday, September 4, 2008

Laptop idiot escorted off Qantas flight

A QANTAS passenger was this morning led off a plane at Sydney airport and taken into custody after refusing to turn off his laptop before the jet landed.

Another passenger on the 9am Melbourne to Sydney flight who witnessed the exchange said the plane was delayed for 15 minutes after it landed, at which stage the Australian Federal Police officers boarded and escorted the "well-dressed businessman" off.

The witness said there was an initial five-minute delay when the plane landed, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"The captain said, 'We've got a short delay because of a technical issue' and we sat there for another five minutes," he said.

"The crew came on again and said, 'Sit down now' ... they were polite but firm, and the next thing we know two coppers came on."

The man went without complaint and was reportedly seen outside the airline gate surrounded by AFP Protective Service officers and four armed AFP officers.

A Qantas spokesman later confirmed the passenger was taken into custody after he "failed to comply with a captain's directive".

"That matter is now with police," the spokesman said.


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