Saturday, September 6, 2008

Man's Audi allegedly used for joyrides

LONDON, Sept. 6 (UPI) -- A businessman contends his Audi was used for 27 joyrides while left at a London service station for routine maintenance.

Internet businessman Mark Reece alleges that when he returned from a recent 11-day trip, a security device on his car informed him his vehicle had been driven more than two dozen times without his permission, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

The father-of-two maintains the high-tech system also indicated that on multiple occasions, those taking part in the joyrides drove twice the posted speed limit on school-area residential roads.

"When I got the car back and looked at the log, I couldn't believe it," Reece said. "There is no need to start a car 27 times and drive it around recklessly to do a service.

"Someone was speeding on what I know is a 30 mph residential road with a school on it. It's shocking."

An Audi UK representative told the British newspaper its initial review was inconclusive but that the alleged unauthorized use of the RS4 car while at the registered Audi garage in London was being investigated.


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