Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sex act horror in South Australian school toilets

A PRIMARY school student was made to undress and was sexually threatened by two men during a class sleepover - but no attempt was made to warn the public even though the offenders are still at large.

The incident can only be revealed today because teachers raised the alarm about school safety.

One revealed the two men were waiting in the toilets when the girl got up during the sleepover and took photos of her during her ordeal.

South Australia's Acting Education Minister Jay Weatherill has ordered a review of school supervision guidelines after being alerted by The Advertiser yesterday.

No public alert had been issued by the Education Department or SA Police following the incident at a primary school earlier this year. The offenders remain at large.
Mr Weatherill last night said the incident was "disturbing".
"The Education Department's extensive guidelines for camps, excursions and sleepovers were updated only last year and set out stringent requirements for safety and supervision of students," he said, in an emailed statement.
"In light of this recent incident, however, our School Care Centre (an Education Department-SA Police agency) will revisit these to ensure they are adequate and understood by all principals."
The school and police yesterday confirmed an incident had occurred during a class sleepover.

Police said two men waiting in a toilet had threatened a girl into performing an act of indecency on a day earlier this year.
A teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, yesterday said the incident raised the question of "how safe are our schools?"
"During the night-time sleepover, a girl went to go to the toilets and there were two men waiting for her in the toilets and they made her undress and took photos of her," the teacher said.
"When you hear things like this, about what's going on in public schools, you do think, how safe are they really?"
Opposition education spokesman David Pisoni said: "There should have been a public warning issued and a recommendation to all schools about how to prevent such incidents."
The school's principal said parents of the girl's classmates were contacted by phone on the night of the incident.


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