Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Teen denies asking for sex

A TEENAGER has angrily denied she asked a taxi driver to have sex with her in the back of his cab, telling a Sydney court she pleaded with him not to rape her.

The woman, who was 18 at the time of the attack and whose identity is protected, was out with friends in the city before being picked up in a taxi shortly after midnight on November 4 last year.

The tearful woman today told Downing Centre District Court she repeatedly cried out, "no, don't'' as the accused allegedly stopped in a side street in Beverley Park, in Sydney's south, took her clothes off and raped her.

"I was saying, 'no don't', but he was on top of me holding me down,'' the woman told judge Peter Berman.

"I kept trying to push him off but I couldn't - he was too heavy. He stuck it in me ... his penis in my vagina.''

The woman then described how Ali allegedly followed her after she fled the taxi, asking her to come back to his place.

The court was told today DNA evidence taken from Ali matched semen taken during the victim's internal examination.

Ali has previously admitted touching the woman's breast and between her legs, but at first denied to police they had sex.

He later changed his evidence, saying they had consensual sex.

Ali's defence lawyer Linda McSpedden suggested the woman kissed Ali's hand and told him they could "get together'' in the back seat.

"I suggest to you that during the time in the back seat with the accused you were kissing him and he was kissing you and you were holding him tight to you,'' Ms McSpedden asked.

"No,'' the woman replied.

"I suggest to you that that he did touch you on the breast because you asked him to,'' Ms McSpedden said.

"I suggest that you got into the back seat because you wanted to ... and that you had sexual intercourse with him and you were consenting to that.''

The woman angrily repeated "no'' when Ms McSpedden suggested she had asked Ali to "f me'' on "more than one occasion''.

But the teenager was adamant she tried to stop the attack.

"I was saying, 'no, I want to go home, don't', clearly,'' she said.

The victim cried in the witness stand, clutching a tissue as the court was played her hysterical triple-0 call, made on the night of the attack.

She was heard sobbing: "He put me in the back seat and had sex with me.

"He just grabbed me and put me in the back seat and held me down. I tried to get out but he wouldn't let me.''

Emergency workers first on the scene described the woman as dishevelled, inebriated and crying uncontrollably, but said she was lucid and polite.


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