Monday, September 1, 2008

Wife's eBay payback on gay hubby

A WIFE whose husband walked out on her and their children after 20 years of marriage for another man has exacted her payback on eBay.

The woman has posted her ex-husband's "coming out" letter for auction on the popular site and asked interested parties to bid for it.
The woman writes:"You are bidding on the original letter given to me by my former husband when he decided to "come out of the closet" and face me (his wife at the time), and our kids, to let us know of his sexual preference.
"I do not know what it is worth , yet, to us and to a lot of people who would have been through a similar situation, the sentimental value is just priceless. This is a story of love, but not just any is the greatest of them all....."
Was the wife out for revenge or is this really a tale of true love? You tell us


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