Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alien vs predator as cane toad eats snake

A CANE toad has taken revenge on the only snake that can eat them and survive.
The Keelback snake is a known predator of the introduced pest, but as this amazing photo shows the tables have been turned.
FrogWatch NT co-ordinator and Darwin Lord Mayor Graeme Sawyer couldn't believe his eyes when he made the find at the cane toad research area at Ringwood Station, about 100km south of Darwin, on Sunday night, the Northern Territory News reports.
He said about 10-60cm of the snake was down the toad's throat.
"I was absolutely amazed," he said.
"To see a large female cane toad eating a live snake is unbelievable."
Mr Sawyer said the snake was still alive when he removed it from the toad's mouth, so he released it in nearby bushland.
The 12cm toad is also alive and well.
NT snake wrangler Chris Peberdy said it was an unusual act of nature.
"The Keelback is a freshwater snake and is the only snake known in Australia that can eat cane toads and survive," he said.
Mr Sawyer said the fact a cane toad took on a snake raised the question: "What are these animals doing to our wildlife and biodiversity?"


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