Sunday, July 13, 2008

Neighbour invites Pope around for tea

A WOMAN who lives beside the retreat where Pope Benedict XVI is resting up ahead of his World Youth Day appearances says it feels as though God has blessed her property and moved in next door.
Celna Pellizzon lives adjacent to the Kenthurst Study Centre in northwest Sydney.  She has told that she hopes the Pontiff will pop around for a coffee and some cake in the next few days.
"I don't think he will, but I still have that hope," Ms Pellizzon said.  "I'd make him tea and coffee.   Anything he wants.

"I'll be really happy if I can kiss his hand."

But while Ms Pellizzon is excited at the idea of the Pope dropping by, a survey from MySpace has found most young people are underwhelmed.  MySpace said three-quarters of respondents felt the Pope and Catholic Church were


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