Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Night-vision goggles in battle for Batman

T'S a tactic fit for a Hollywood sci-fi script.
The studio behind the latest Batman instalment The Dark Knight will issue all Australian cinemas with night-vision goggles in a bid to thwart would-be movie pirates. The movie is the last film Heath Ledger completed before his death.

In what is believed to be a first for an Australian film release, Village Roadshow has urged all exhibitors to use the goggles in the first screenings of the film, which will be seen here almost two days before its US and European release.

In a memo to exhibitors yesterday, Roadshow asked that staff use the goggles to identify anyone filming the movie.

"Should anyone be caught filming on anything, regardless if it is a mobile phone, PDA or camera, security should discreetly walk over to them and ask them to leave the cinema," the memo says.

The measure has been used for blockbuster releases in Australia but it's believed this is the first time a studio has issued a directive to all cinemas.

Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft director of operations Neil Gain said the move indicated how seriously studios took movie piracy.

"It only takes one person to make a copy and then, at the click of a button, a copy of that film can be sold to illegal replicating units who make copies which can be burnt and then sold on to piracy sites around the world," he said.


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