Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nude photo teacher to take legal action

A Sydney primary school teacher who was suspended from duties after posing nude in a magazine plans to take legal action against the New South Wales Government.

Lynne Tziolas was stood down by the Education Department earlier this year after appearing naked with her husband in a photo in the sealed section of a woman's magazine.

The Department reinstated Mrs Tziolas in June, but her husband Antonios Tziolas says the ordeal has had a negative impact on his wife's mental health.

He says the couple are preparing statements with lawyers because his wife has doubts she will ever be able to return to teaching.

"She's currently seeking help through seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist, she's also taking medication to help with the stress during the day and she's doing okay," he said.

"On the whole she's pretty good, actually she has really good days but there are occasions where I'm concerned."


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