Thursday, July 17, 2008

Patel extradition hurdle removed

A last-minute hurdle in the extradition of former Queensland-based doctor Jayant Patel, who is wanted on manslaughter charges, has been removed.

A US judge had ordered that Patel, who is now in jail in Los Angeles, not be moved by the US Marshals Service until court approval was granted.

What prompted the order has not been revealed, but a telephone conference was held earlier today between the judge and all the parties.

The judge has now released an amended certificate of extradition which says the 58-year-old will be transferred into the custody of Queensland police at a time and place mutually agreed to with the US Marshals Service.

The former head of surgery at the Bundaberg base hospital was shifted from a Portland, Oregon prison late on Tuesday (Australian time), and is now in a Los Angeles jail.


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