Wednesday, July 9, 2008

'Annoying' protesters hold spoof fashion show

The Catholic World Youth Day protest group NoToPope Coalition has held what is calls an 'annoying fashion show' outside New South Wales Parliament to challenge the regulations surrounding next week's event.

Under the special regulations brought in for World Youth Day events, police have the power to arrest and fine people who annoy or inconvenience pilgrims.

In defiance of this, NoToPope coalition members have held a spoof catwalk fashion show, parading the T-shirt slogans and messages they plan to protest in.

About 20 people gathered outside NSW Parliament House and were met by a significant police presence.

T-shirts ranged from things like 'Pope is wrong, use a condom' to just 'Pope go homo' written in large letters.

Contraception was a common theme on most shirts with many people wearing condoms pinned to their clothes.

Rachael Evans from the NoToPope Coalition says that today's fashion show is in defiance of the new laws and in opposition to many of the Catholic Church's teachings.

"We're saying here today, these T-shirts are not annoying, or offensive, they actually say important things about condom use," she said.

"So we're here to show people, to say grab a T-shirt, don't be intimidated, stand up against this and come to our rally and do it there as well."


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