Sunday, September 7, 2008

Are we over Jen? Myer fears overexposure

JENNIFER Hawkins' number-one client has revealed its greatest fear for their star: she is at risk of becoming overexposed.

Hawkins biggest money earner, Myer, has told the model's manager Sean Anderson it does not think she should take on any more work in Australia.

Myer director of marketing and creative Paul Bonnici said their celebrity ambassador's workload needed to be handled delicately.

"For us, we are very conscious of not overexposing her," Mr Bonnici said.

"She does her piece at the beginning of the season with the catalogues and the parades. From our perspective I don't push her to do a lot of things.

"I don't think she would want to take on anything more in Australia."

The former Miss Universe has spent the past few weeks launching Myer's Spring/Summer collections, as well as promoting her new swimwear range, Cozi.

She's almost halfway through a reported $4 million, four-year deal as ambassador for the national department store chain.

Hawkins, 24, is also the face of Cover Girl cosmetics and Lovable lingerie, is a presenter on Seven's The Great Outdoorsand hosts reality series, Make Me A Supermodel, which has struggled in the ratings.

Some of Hawkins' other clients have also reportedly been concerned about her busy schedule, but her manager denies his client has taken on too much.

"We will know when Jennifer is overexposed and that will be when people stop writing about her and people lose interest in her," Mr Anderson said.

"There's no way that is happening at the moment. The interest level in Jen has never been higher. I've had 10 companies alone this week approach me."

Mr Bonnici said Mr Anderson faced a challenge controlling Hawkins' growing number of clients.

"We have an agreement, before she takes on any more work he always liaises with us first to ensure there is no conflict and it is not compromising her time with Myer as well," he said.

Hawkins herself believes she is not overexposed.

"I've always had these contracts," she said.

"When it comes to work I give 100 per cent. Everyone has their opinion, you have to roll with the punches in this industry. I have to maintain my contracts and do my work. I can't turn down opportunities."

Hawkins said her hectic work commitments would continue until the end of the year, when she plans a month-long holiday with boyfriend Jake Wall.


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