Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stabbed teen ordered to 'befriend' attackers

THE mother of a victim of a bashing is outraged her son has been asked to "make friends" with his attackers.

Joseph Lauretta is gradually losing sight in one eye after he was stabbed and repeatedly bashed at a teenage birthday party gatecrashed by a gang.

He was one of eight people needing hospital treatment after the attack at the teen party last year.

Three attackers have pleaded guilty to charges and face a Children's Court.

But Joseph's mother, Rosanna Lauretta, is angry a magistrate has asked victims to meet their attackers.

She said the attackers were expected to apologise.

"It's outrageous. Why would you put an 18-year-old victim in the same room as the people who nearly beat him death?" she said.

"Joseph had 27 staples in his head, missed six months of school and failed year 11 because of them."


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