Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Explosives 'accidentally' delivered to Brisbane business

Police say it appears a large quantity of explosive material was accidentally delivered to a scrap metal yard on Brisbane's northside this afternoon.

A dozen 25 kilogram bags of ammonium nitrate and a quantity of powergel explosives were left inside a metal box that was sent to Sims Metal at Northgate.

Police evacuated the site and the Bomb Squad was called in as well as fire crews and paramedics.

Police Inspector John Hallam says the explosives were discovered by accident when a worker ruptured the box while moving it.

"They have identified it as nitropil, which is an explosive often used on mine sites, as well as a quantity of detonator cord and also powergel," he said.

"It was inside a metal box which the mines inspectors have identified as a magazine designed to contain that type of explosive so it just looks like it was sent as scrap to Sims by somebody who didn't check the inside of the box before they sent the consignment on."


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