Tuesday, September 9, 2008

'Rapist' stripper to stand trial

A BUCK'S party stripper who allegedly raped the best man with a sex toy has been committed to stand trial.

Linda Naggs, 39, is accused of sexually penetrating the man with the toy at a buck's party on the Mornington Peninsula in September last year.

The Melbourne Magistrates' Court committal hearing had heard Ms Naggs was riding the man “like a horse” before penetrating him with the toy even though he had told her "don't put it in'', a witness said.

A guest at the party told the court that the man, 34, was "very conservative" and didn't seem keen to participate in Ms Naggs's routine.

The guest said the group of up to 30 men was cheering but behaving in a "mature" fashion during the strip show.

"It wasn't over-the-top rowdy or aggressive," he said.

The groom encouraged the best man to join in by sitting on a chair while Ms Naggs disrobed and rubbed her breasts in his face.

The best man's top was removed and he tried to stop his pants from being pulled down by holding on to them before relenting, a witness said.

The court was told the best man was happy and smiling during the show, in which Ms Naggs was naked but for a strap-on appendage.

He ended up on all fours, with Ms Naggs riding him "like a dog or a horse".

"(The victim) said to her "don't put it in"," the witness said.

Moments later the best man squinted and got up quickly, calling Ms Naggs an idiot, pushing her away and telling her to leave, the court heard.

During the altercation that followed Ms Naggs allegedly threw a punch and threatened to call in "bikie mates".

Ms Naggs was hysterical after the incident, the court heard.

After the pair was separated the best man went to a bathroom and said he was bleeding.

A doctor gave evidence that he examined the alleged victim the next day and found a small abrasion near his anus.

The man told him he had warned the stripper not to but she had used the sex toy on him anyway, causing pain and bleeding, the doctor said.

The best man gave evidence yesterday in a closed courtroom.


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